Evaluation: Ventilation

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Just as the title says, this is where you simulate your ventilation for your building. As usual you get a couple of alternatives to choose from. You can use exhaust air ventilation, exhaust and supply air ventilation or exhaust and supply air ventilation with heat exchanger.

When you choose one of these you get three tabs where you get the possibility to change the input for your ventilation-system.
First tab is called change characteristics for you ventilation, in this tab you can do various changes
If you chose to use the supply air ventilation with heat exchanger, you can determine if the supply air is equipped with lowest supply air temperature and highest supply air temperature. Even the conditions regarding recovery can be defined.
There’s also a possibility to determine the efficiency for you heat exchangers, as well as the air recirculation.
At the bottom, you can connect your ventilation to your exhaust air heat pump or to your water heating system.

Edit Schedule is the second window, here the ventilation flow can be changed with the time resolution day in a week, week in a year and hours in a day. Several changes of the schedule can be made after each other and the changes are printed below ‘Current schedule’. The latest change is printed at the bottom. If the same time interval is used in 2 changes; it is the latest change that is used in the calculation. For varying schedule during the year, it is advisable to start by specifying the value that applies for most of the year and then make changes based on it.

Changing the schedule for ventilation flow works in the same way as changing the usage schedule in the Usage tab. The first day of the year is assumed to be a Monday.

In the last tab regarding ventilation, you can edit the fan pressure and fan efficiency.
To calculate the fan’s electricity use, information on fan pressure and fan efficiency is needed. Fan efficiency indicates fan work in relation to used electrical energy. This efficiency should not be confused with the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Electric power = pressure * flow rate / fan efficiency

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