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BIM Energy is a web based building energy calculation software developed by StruSoft.

StruSoft is an innovative Swedish software company with more than 40 years of experience developing specialist applications for structural analysis, design, 3D modelling, collaboration and energy for the building industry.

Our aim is to make life easy for our Users who work with analysis, design, manufacture and assembly of buildings. Our software helps Users save time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency, and productivity in many aspects of the construction workflow.

We develop our software in close cooperation with our Users, with a visionary and innovative approach to structural analysis and design. With outstanding technical performance and User friendly interfaces, our software portfolio generates insights and the necessary knowledge for handling complex, mission-critical building challenges.

Our hallmark is developing outstanding software functionality in combination with advanced features and unrivalled support. That’s why we are trusted by 2,000+ Clients with 20,000+ Users in over 40+ Countries.

Today we are a team of over 200 employees with local offices established in more than 13 countries.

We have local sales and support offices in Sweden, Denmark, UK, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Estonia and India. Our software development centres are established in Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and India.

Our Headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden.

We are committed to providing the best service and local support in every market.

about Bim Energy

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Working with energy calculations and energy efficiency? Us too

BIM Energy is an application that calculates a building’s energy performance. The dynamic core quickly calculates the energy balance of the building hour by hour, for a complete year. It also takes the thermal inertia of the building into consideration.

The calculation core has been validated through Ashrae-140. The application can be used by everyone interested in calculating energy consumption in buildings, for all types of buildings and various activities worldwide.

BIM Energy uses the same calculation core as our other energy calculation software VIP-Energy, which is one of the leading energy calculation software in Sweden today. The most apparent differences between the programs are how the user defines the climate barrier of the building which in BIM Energy is modelled in 3D inside the application and the fact that BIM Energy is web-based and runs in your browser, while VIP-Energy is a traditional desktop application. We’d like to keep you up to date regarding all our products and updates, to make sure we cover all your needs. 

Building Energy Simulation

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