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BIM Energy is an energy calculation software developed by StruSoftStruSoft has developed and delivered software for the entire building industry for 30 years through the applications VIP-EnergyFEM-Design, Win-Statik, Pre-Stress, and IMPACT (energy calculationstructural analysis, and precast concrete design). BIM Energy is a web-based energy calculation program that takes advantage of the cloud’s powerful capabilities.

StruSoft started within Skanska Solutions and in 2002, Structural Design Software in Europe was founded as a private company, which was later shorted to StruSoft.

The software from StruSoft gives users key insights and knowledge to handle complex, mission-critical building analysis & design challenges. Our hallmark is an outstanding performance in combination with the advanced but user-friendly interface. That is why 10,000+ users with 1,000+ clients in 20+ countries already are part of our community.

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StruSoft has local sales and support offices in Sweden, Denmark, UK, Estonia, India, and United Arab Emirates. Headquarters are located in Sweden and development centers are further established in Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, and India. We are unique due to our commitment to provide the best service and support in every local market.

BIM Energy is an application that calculates a building’s energy performance. The dynamic core quickly calculates the energy balance of the building hour by hour, for a complete year. It also takes the thermal inertia of the building into consideration.

The calculation core has been validated through Ashrae-140. The application can be used by everyone interested in calculating energy consumption in buildings, for all types of buildings and various activities worldwide.

BIM Energy uses the same calculation core as our other energy calculation software VIP-Energy, which is one of the leading energy calculation software in Sweden today. The most apparent differences between the programs are how the user defines the climate barrier of the building which in BIM Energy is modeled in 3D inside the application and the fact that BIM Energy is web-based and runs in your browser, while VIP-Energy is a traditional desktop application. We’d like to keep you up to date regarding all our products and updates, to make sure we cover all your needs. 

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