Building energy simulation software

BIM Energy Evaluation empowers you to create an hourly energy balance calculation, to secure a new building permit. The results from the energy model are automatically compared to the requirements from Boverket (Swedish building regs) […]

Building energy analysis software

BIM Energy Renovation helps you to compare the cost savings from different energy renovation measures. The software enables you to make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency scenarios in existing buildings […]

Are you considering energy analysis for the ‘Evaluation’ of new buildings or the ‘Renovation’ of existing buildings?

The table below gives you a clear differentiation of the functionality in each of our software to help you navigate to the correct one.

Application Evaluation Renovation
New building’s permit x x
Building dimensions from drawings x x
Manually edit the building constructions in detail x x
Compare cost savings from renovations in existing buildings x
Get the building dimensions from the online map x
Recommended typical  building constructions based on the age of the building x
Suggested default values x

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