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BIM Energy is an easy-to-use energy analysis software that provides you with fast answers to complex questions regarding energy efficiency for both new and existing buildings.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just a beginner, we empower you to reduce your carbon footprint, make more informed decisions, and save time effortlessly. With unlimited support, ongoing development, and a commitment to sustainability, BIM Energy is your trusted partner in achieving your energy efficiency goals.

BIM Energy Evaluation

BIM Energy Evaluation empowers you to create an hourly energy balance calculation, to secure a new building permit. The results from the energy model are automatically compared to the requirements from Boverket (Swedish building regs) […]

BIM Energy Renovation

BIM Energy Renovation helps you to compare the cost savings from different energy renovation measures. The software enables you to make informed decisions regarding energy efficiency scenarios in existing buildings […]

BIM Energy’s mission is to simplify energy efficiency assessments for buildings, enabling you to make more informed decisions, saving time and energy, effortlessly.

We are committed to supporting our customers at every step of their energy efficiency journey, from providing automated free trials, consultations, webinars, training, unlimited support and continuous software development.

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