BIM Energy 

Comprehensive and easy-to-use energy calculation software

BIM Energy Evaluation is an easy-to-use fully dynamic energy calculation software that provides fast answers to complex questions regarding energy efficiency in the real estate sector.

By combining state of the art calculation algorithms with a user-friendly interface, complex questions about energy usage and potential for savings can be evaluated quickly. For example; how much energy can for example be saved by installing a heat pump, or how will the energy performance change by replacing the old windows with a newer more energy efficient one?

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    As a user of BIM Energy, you are in good company with:

    Since BIM Energy is flexible and easy-to-use, the application suits both you who are experienced in working in energy calculation software, and also people who often use static handmade templates for estimating the energy savings potential from renovation measures.

    Building energy models are created quickly and intuitively in BIM Energy 

    Get acquainted with BIM Energys user interface by clicking on the symbols below


    All your calculations are stored in the cloud with access to climate file library.


    Easy to use 3D editor to define building dimensions.


    Comprehensive catalog with construction types, materials, windows etc.


    Schedules for energy usage with catalog values for different building types but also completely customisable


    Simulation of air handling systems, flow schedules, temperature set points and heat recovery.


    Heating system simulation including heat pumps, hourly performance calculation, including control strategy.


    Cooling demand calculation and supply by district cooling, chillers or free cooling


     Comprehensive reports are created automatically and can be customised to your specific needs.

    10 good reasons for why start using BIM Energy

    • – Quick and easy to define the climate shell of the building in a 3D model
    • – Dynamic hourly calculation of climate file and installations
    • – Presentation of the energy balance (supplied and emitted energy)
    • – Catalog with constructions, material, windows, heat pumps etc.
    • – User friendly interface – intuitive and visual in 3D
    • – Reports can be adjusted to include several options of graphs with energy and power
    • – Cooperate with your colleagues by sharing buildings
    • – Calculate the energy savings of different renovation measures
    • – The projects are stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere
    • – Support and coaching are included

    BIM Energy catalogs

    Construction material 

     Use the comprehensive catalog of construction materials and construction types or define your own materials and constructions.

    Heat pumps 

     Comprehensive catalog including air-to-air, exhaust air and geothermal heat pumps. Select between various manufacturers and types or create simulations from EN255 or EN14511 test results. The simulation is dynamic and takes into account refrigerant properties, hot and cold side temperatures and start and stop or frequency controlled compressors.

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    Webinars are continuously led by our experienced coaches which gives you introduction to the application as well as explaining more advanced features.  Read more about the different topics and register for a webinar to get inspired!


    Find Energy Efficiency Potentials in Buildings with BIM Energy

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    Energisimulering av installationer med BIM Energy (in Swedish)

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    To book a demo, help getting started, or other enquiries, please contact us

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    Kristin Davidsson

    Customer reviews

    How do the customers use the application?

    It is quick and easy to get a holistic view of the property’s energy performanceconcludes Rasmus.

    Rasmus Strandgren, Caverion

    “If it is cold in the classrooms, it is easy to simulate the building to see what needs to be fixed, and with that, we have a documented model that we can go back to,” concludes Ludvig.

    Ludvig Isaksson, Skövde kommun

    As a proposal for measures for energy audits with exhaust air ventilation, I use the function to install an exhaust air heat pump to calculate the energy savings.”

    Erik Albertsson, AN-profil

    “I used to work with manual calculations and other calculation softwares, however, many softwares require large amounts of input data before receiving a report. BIM Energy’s calculation results quickly provide an energy balance that can be used, ”says Linus.

    Previously, these calculations were done manually in Excel, so we save a lot of time when we avoid the extra manual work.”

    Jon Svärd, Kraftringen

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