BIM Energy

Comprehensive and easy-to-use building energy analysis software

BIM Energy is an easy-to-use fully dynamic building energy analysis software that provides fast answers to complex questions regarding energy efficiency in the real estate sector and fulfilled requirements for energy performance in new constructions.

Through its user-friendly interface, flexible graphic tools and extensive material and installation catalogs, BIM Energy enables time-efficient energy modelling of existing buildings as well as energy calculation for building permits for new constructions.

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BIM Energy | Building Energy Analysis Software explained – Watch the short video demo

Because the energy calculation program is flexible and easy to use, it is aimed at experienced energy calculation engineers as well as new groups of users who have not previously used energy calculation programs. It enables a more accurate analysis of measures for energy efficiency that have previously been performed through manual calculation. But also as energy balance calculations for building permits and environmental certifications for assessment of the building’s energy performance.

As a user of the energy calculation software, BIM Energy, you are in good company:

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Webinars are held regularly by our Experts to give you introductions to the program, as well as explaining more advanced features. Read more about the different topics and register to find out more.



We have created a blog section for all our Users and potential new customers who use BIM Energy. We encourage you to stay up to date with new releases, energy news and general StruSoft updates.



Navigate here to see the energy software features, catalogs, projects, and dashboard navigation. Get acquainted with BIM Energy’s user interface. Schedule a demo and ask for a quotation.


Explore our dashboard main features within an easy-to-use interface.
This makes your energy balance calculation fast and smooth.

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  • energiberäkningsprogram
  • energiberäkningsprogram
  • energiberäkningsprogram

5 good reasons why you should start using BIM Energy:

  • Easy to define the geometry of the building in a 3D model
  • User-friendly and quick energy calculation software that runs in your web browser
  • Calculate the energy savings of different renovation measures with comparison of pay-off time
  • Hourly energy calculation for the building permit application
  • Catalog with constructions, material, windows, heat pumps etc.