Evaluation: Standard

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Swedish building regulations are defined in Boverkets byggregler, BBR. The Standard step is used to provide input related to the active building for the different versions of BBR. In BBR, there are permitted levels of energy performance (primary energy number, EP_pet kWh/m2), installed electric input for heating (kW) and average heat transfer coefficient (U_m, W/m2K)

The permitted levels are different for dwellings (single-family houses and multi-dwelling blocks) and premises.

Primary energy factor (PE)/Weight factor (WF) varies depending on the energy carrier and version of BBR. The pre-defined factors in the application are updated depending on the selected primary heating system in the Heating step. The factors can also be changed manually by the user.

Geographical adjustment factor (F_geo) varies between the building’s geographical location in Sweden. The user can get the factor by searching in a list of Swedish municipalities. If a Swedish municipality is selected as climate file in the Project-step, the same municipality will be used here as default.

Electric input for heating is defined by the user based on the total designed electric input power for heating that can be used by the electric appliances for heating needed to maintain the intended indoor climate, hot tap water production and ventilation when the building has its maximum heat demand.

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