Evaluation: Project

energy building

This is the first step that you see when logging into BIM Energy for calculating the energy efficiency for your building.  To the left of the page, you see all your existing projects that you have, you also have opportunity to either create a new project or update/change your current one.

If you choose to update/change an already existing project, then you have the possibility to change the name, the description of the project and what climate file you want to use for your project. The same principles apply if you want to create a new project, the only difference is that you can choose what catalog you want to use, either the default catalog or a catalog that you have made.

You can also share projects with others, simply by typing in the persons email and then deciding what kind of properties you want to give them. You can choose if you want to give the person permission to either do changes in the project, share it with other people or the right to delete the project all together.

As noted previously, you see your current projects to the left, those projects that you’ve shared with other colleagues, are shown with a silhouette parallel to the project name.
If you click on the silhouette-icon, you’ll see with whom you’ve shared the project with and be able to change the properties for what the person is allowed to do with the project.

You can easily delete projects by clicking on the trash bin located to the left, where the list of current projects is located.
BIM Energy will double check if you really want to delete a project if you press the delete-function, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll delete an important project.

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