Evaluation: Heating

heating EN

Heating contains input data relating to hot tap water and heating systems. Select a heating system in the drop-down list between the alternatives Electric heating, Waterborne heating (e.g., District heating, not heat pump) and Heat pump. Select the system that is the primary heat source.

First in the list is waterborne heating (e.g., District heating, not heat pump). The first box is circulation pump, here you input pertains to fans and pumps that are in operation during heat demand. The heat from the supplied electrical power is supplied to the room air. It is possible to specify this electrical power both as a proportion of room heating (%) and power (W). If both proportion and power are stated, their contributions are added.

Furthermore, you can input data for hot top water, both for Heat recovery to hot tap water energy efficiency, but also the length of the pipe and the external and internal loss from pipes.

If you choose heat pump as your primary heating system, a new box opens where you select the specific type of heat pump that you want to use for your project.
There are six different types of heat pumps to choose from. These are the following categories: Geothermal, rock, ground source, soil, Exhaust air, sea source, air/water and air/air.

After you´ve chosen a category that fits the project, then it’s time to choose a specific heat pump. In BIM Energy we have a lot of heat pumps from different manufacturers that you can use.
These already have the necessary test data delivered and tested by the manufacturers. Which it makes it accessible and easy for our users to choose from different types of heat pumps.

You can also apply multiple heat pumps that are going to work simultaneously, or put in a accumulator tank and define the size of it. There’s also a possibility to tell the software if the heat pumps are going to be serial connected or parallel connected.
You can also determine properties for hot tap water and the internal and external loss from pipes.

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