Evaluation: Building

Building BIM Energy

This is the first step where you modulate your building. The first step is to determine the dimensions of the building, which you type under basic geometry.When you first open basic geometry you get the default dimensions 10×10 that you change to your desire.
After this, you can edit the layout of your building through edit floor plan. You can effectively change the precision when drawing your layout by choosing different snap intervals (1,0m, 0,5m and 0,1m).

Further, we have a whole lot of more functions that you can use to specify your buildings properties.
Easily determine the total square meters for the glazing on the surface for every direction. Same goes for the interior walls, either put in the total square meters or use our predefined options that help you approximate the total square meters of the interior walls, which are important for the thermal inertia.

Furthermore, you also have a function for positioning. With this function you can specify how the property is located and in which rotation it has on the actual map determined by the climate file you chose for your project.

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