BIM Energy Evaluation is an easy-to-use, building energy simulation software providing you with fast answers to complex questions regarding energy efficiency.

BIM Energy Evaluation is tailor-made for engineers and construction professionals working on new building projects in Sweden. The software helps you meet Swedish compliance standards and secure your new building’s permit.

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BIM Energy Evaluation simplifies the energy analysis process, empowering you to model, analyse, and optimise energy efficiency for new buildings.

The model is defined in a 3D view based on the building’s geometry. The software is dynamic, calculating hour by hour, over a year and taking into account the energy stored and emitted from the building’s mass.

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BIM Energy Evaluation allows you to “Compare the Result” and run different scenarios to optimise your energy efficiency. The energy balance of supplied and emitted energy can be studied in detail down to the hourly level, and you have the opportunity to tailor the report for your project.

You can easily customise the level of detail in the calculation according to your project’s input. Whether it is for the building energy simulation calculations in early stages or, building permit applications for new constructions, the results from BIM Energy Evaluation help you make more informed decisions.

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