BIM Energy Renovation Software

Are you working in the real estate industry and managing a large portfolio of properties? Do you want to internally compare the cost savings of energy efficiency measures in different areas? Then BIM Energy Renovation software is the solution for you.

BIM Energy Renovation helps you evaluate the profitability of various renovation measures, enabling you to prioritize your energy renovation work in the best possible way, and achieve greener, more cost-effective buildings. By quickly and easily creating the energy model in BIM Energy Renovation, you don’t need to have complete information about the building’s structures in advance. We provide default values and assist you in saving time, allowing you to focus on exploring the potential of different measures.

Our graphical interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to quickly get started with your work. You don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of our powerful tools. With BIM Energy Renovation, you can easily analyze and compare energy efficiency options, making well-informed decisions to optimize your energy renovation strategy.

Take control of your energy-saving efforts with BIM Energy Renovation and maximize your results. Contact us today to get started!

BIM Energy Renovation Quick guide to get started

BIM Energy catalogs

BIM Energy Renovation Software

Construction material 

 Use the comprehensive catalog of construction materials and construction types or define your own materials and constructions.

BIM Energy Renovation Software

Heat pumps 

 Comprehensive catalog including air-to-air, exhaust air and geothermal heat pumps. Select between various manufacturers and types or create simulations from EN255 or EN14511 test results. The simulation is dynamic and takes into account refrigerant properties, hot and cold side temperatures and start and stop or frequency controlled compressors.

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