BIM Energy Renovation is an easy-to-use, building energy analysis software helping you realise energy savings in existing buildings.

You don’t need to be an Energy Expert to use BIM Energy Renovation. We have simplified the energy analysis process, empowering you to model, analyse, and understand your potential energy savings.

The software helps you find energy savings in existing buildings, allowing you to consider multiple scenarios in energy upgrades, and giving you a full payback analysis of the energy savings against the potential investment.

The energy calculation is based on physics and economy only. It is not reliant on specific building regulations which means you can analyse potential energy savings for any existing building, anywhere in the World.

BIM Energy Renovation
Construction Materials in BIM Energy Renovation
BIM Energy Renovation
Results in BIM Energy Renovation

Are you working in the real estate industry, managing a large portfolio of properties? BIM Energy Renovation helps you answer these energy saving questions.

  • What potential energy savings can we make?

  • Which building renovations should we focus on to get the optimum energy savings?

  • How much do we need to invest in the building renovations to get the energy savings?

  • What is our ROI over “x” number of years for the energy savings against the investment in the building renovations?

BIM Energy Renovation model from map 3.4

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