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Do you need to quickly and easily calculate a building’s annual energy consumption? Then BIM Energy Evaluation is the solution for you. The building energy evaluation software is fully dynamic, calculating hour by hour over the year and taking into account energy stored and emitted from the building’s mass.

Customize the level of detail in the calculation according to your project’s input. Whether it’s energy calculations in early stages, building permit applications for new construction, or comparing energy efficiency measures in existing properties, the results from BIM Energy Evaluation can be used to make informed decisions.

In the energy model, the climate shell is defined in a 3D view based on the building’s geometry. If you lack data, we provide suggestions for constructions that can be used, depending on whether the building is lightweight or heavyweight and its insulation level. You can also choose from a list of heat pumps and ventilation types to supplement the energy model with the technical installations.

The energy balance of supplied and emitted energy can be studied in detail down to the hourly level, and you have the opportunity to tailor the report to your project.

With BIM Energy Evaluation, you can efficiently and accurately analyze the energy consumption in your building. Take control of energy costs and environmental impact with our powerful tool. Contact us today to get started!

BIM Energy catalogs

Building energy evaluation software

Construction material 

 Use the comprehensive catalog of construction materials and construction types or define your own materials and constructions.

Building energy evaluation software

Heat pumps 

 Comprehensive catalog including air-to-air, exhaust air and geothermal heat pumps. Select between various manufacturers and types or create simulations from EN255 or EN14511 test results. The simulation is dynamic and takes into account refrigerant properties, hot and cold side temperatures and start and stop or frequency controlled compressors.

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