The benefits with our energy calculation software BIM Energy

The dynamic computational core in BIM Energy calculates a building’s energy consumption hour by hour over a whole year; then reporting the yearly energy consumption of the building.

The software also regards the building’s inertia. You see changes momentarily when you change parameters in BIM Energy and with great accuracy despite the calculations often being complex in nature at times.

It is very useful for helping you study different energy scenarios as the results are reported extremely quickly.

You can model your building’s geometry in 3D directly in BIM Energy, you don’t need a separate 3D design software. This makes it possible for you to visually see the structure you are modelling, which also saves time when calculating all the different building components.

The user-friendly interface is very much appreciated by our Users, and is easy to learn for beginners. You don’t need to be an energy “expert” to use the software. The workflow is intuitive, and Users can choose between different templates and predefined values if relevant input from your building is missing or unavailable.

You can choose amongst more than 120 different heat pumps with preloaded values from well-known suppliers to use in your calculations. There are also examples of different building constructions, materials and windows to choose between for your project.

BIM Energy can be used for energy calculations for new construction-projects but also for existing buildings.

The results are compared with the requirement level from Boverkets byggregler (BBR). We have a special function for projects where the focus is to examine different renovation-alternatives. You can easily review and compare different results with this function. This enables you to easily find the most cost-efficient solution for your property.

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