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Strömstadsbyggen and HSB Göta in Jönköping are two players in the real estate industry that use the smart energy calculation tool BIM Energy.

“It is a fantastic program, easy to get started with and fun to use. You see the building in 3D and that all calculation results are updated immediately when you make changes”, says Philip Lundblad at HSB Göta.

Strömstadsbyggen and its sister company Strömstadslokaler manage apartments, premises, schools and sports facilities within the municipality. Two years ago, they decided to start using the web-based energy calculation program BIM Energy.

“This meant that we could reduce our dependence on consultants. Now we can look at different options for energy measures under our own auspices. At an early stage, for example, we can see what effect it has on additional insulation, changing windows or changing ventilation systems”, says Bo Olausson at Strömstadsbyggen.

Smart energiberäkningsprogram

Easy to use

Another BIM Energy customer, HSB Göta in Jönköping, uses the program for energy declarations and to map the energy situation for its apartment buildings.

“With BIM Energy, we can make a more detailed energy survey and calculate proposed measures”, says energy consultant Philip Lundblad at HSB Göta.

He thinks the program is easy to use.

“You learn the basics quickly and can then immerse yourself in many good features. Graphs and charts contribute to clarity.”

Since HSB Göta started using the program, they have gained a better overview of what renovation needs there are and how they should be prioritised.

Smart energiberäkningsprogram

Great interest in reducing costs

According to Kristin Davidsson, Business Area Manager Energy at StruSoft, there is increasing interest in solutions that streamline energy use.

“The high energy prices and stricter climate targets naturally contribute to the interest in reducing energy use being extra large. In BIM Energy, it is easy to simulate different renovation options and directly see the saving effect.”

BIM Energy has been developed at StruSoft AB, a Swedish software company based in Malmö. The company’s various software has more than 20,000 professional users in 40 countries.

BIM Energy is cloud-based and runs easily in the browser. The program is continuously developed and the updates quickly benefit the users.

“There is a large number of predefined input data in the program with, among other things, heat pumps of different makes to choose from. The building is modelled in a flexible 3D model, which speeds up the work. In the next version, you will also be able to get the financial savings for various measures”, says Linnéa Andersson, technical sales and support.

Article published by DN TEMA.

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