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Our Technical sales and support advisor, Dalibor Raic, who works with StruSoft’s energy calculation software BIM Energy visited Malmö University recently. He did a short presentation about BIM Energy for the real estate management students in their installation technology course. This is the third year in a row that Malmö University have used BIM Energy in their installation-technology lectures.

Apart from the presentation, Dalibor also interviewed their university lecturer Simon Siggelsten, about his position and how they intend to use BIM Energy in their course.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you lecture in?

My name is Simon Siggelsten and I’ve worked at Malmö University since 2007, I’m the emergent program director for the constructional Engineering program. I also teach installation technique for the real estate management and agent students, but also for the constructional engineer students.

What do you personally think is the best feature in BIM Energy?

Personally, I really like the user-friendly interface. Its very easy to change different parameters in BIM Energy. There is already so many pre-selected choices that you don’t have to start with an empty project. The possibility to modify different parameters is huge, you just need to select a typology to base your work on. That is a very good feature that BIM Energy has. I also like that it’s web-based, and that you easily can share your projects with others.

What is the layout of the course? How will your students use BIM Energy?

We will mainly focus on installations, with less focus on the “shell” of the building. We will base our work on two different types of typologies that already exist in the BIM Energy catalog. One “poorly insulated building” and the other being a “super insulated building”. Then the students will compare different heating systems, ventilation systems and change different parameters in the usage of the building to analyse and compare different energy efficient solutions.

What did your previous students think about BIM Energy?

They’ve said that it’s very easy to use and as I’ve said before, they appreciated the user-friendly interface.

Have you noticed any of our latest updates that we’ve done in BIM Energy? If so, what is your thoughts on those updates?

I’ve noticed that you can now calculate if your building fits the permitted levels of energy performance defined by the primary energy number, which is a great feature to have to your disposal!

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