3 free engineering webinars from StruSoft, that help you stay up to date within the construction industry

Connecting the engineering community through technical webinars offered by professional engineers involving experts and leaders from the world’s most respected engineering organizations is the key to top-of-the-game knowledge.

It is a mix of online learning and webinars designed to increase knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is in the end a sales journey presenting advanced features and research work that will only bring the community closer to sustainability in the real estate and the construction sector.

If you’re seeking consulting tips and tools, rely on us regarding your needs for all of the construction stages. These resources that we’ve created can help members who find themselves in situations where automation and simplified procedures might help a department save time and resources.

Regarding BIM workflows in your detailing department – IMPACT Design

It lets you manage every aspect of your precast concrete detailing, 3D modeling and even provides tools for rough planning and erection planning through the integrated Project Manager. If you’d like to improve your precast design, production, and projects, try IMPACT Design.

IMPACT Production provides the tools you need to implement a complete BIM workflow and manage every aspect of your precast concrete production and projects. The software is highly customizable to the exact needs of your precast factory; offering you the ability to 3D plan and keep better track of all types of precast elements; individual and multiple projects.

The IMPACT team at StruSoft provides monthly Free Webinars tailored to fit exactly your precast business. Whether you work as a consultant or run a precast factory, the technicians at StruSoft will make sure you get the correct guidance and company setup.

Here is the list of Webinars/Events & Training.

Get full control over your structural analysis with FEM-Design

FEM-Design is advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel, timber, and foundation structures according to Eurocode with NA. The unique user-friendly working environment is based on the familiar CAD tools that make the model creation and structure editing simple and intuitive. The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction tasks from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures and makes it the best practical tool for structural engineers.

The FEM-Design team at Strusoft is the most powerful asset due to its popularity and top-of-market feature releases. The team has designed manuals stored in a private user section, learning videos, events, and webinars in order to experience an easy and fast knowledge base while testing the program. Check the guidelines for an easy installation of any version of the software.

StruSoft offers several custom services that can be arranged individually. But don’t miss the webinars while staying connected with the engineering community worldwide.

A fully dynamic energy calculation software – BIM Energy

By combining state-of-the-art calculation algorithms with a user-friendly interface, complex questions about energy usage and potential for energy savings can be evaluated quickly.

BIM Energy helps both experienced engineers who are used to work with energy calculation software and people who instead use static handmade templates for calculating the energy savings potential from renovation measures.

The demand for energy-efficient buildings is on the rise and because engineers and architects can set energy-efficiency goals for their clients that can be obtained using calculation tools, the importance of this software increased a lot in the past years.

StruSoft offers its full range of tools including the energy calculation software provided by our own experienced energy engineers.

We constantly advise our clients and future partners regarding energy calculations in BIM Energy. Attend the webinar series powered by BIM Energy if you work with energy efficiency and you need the state-of-the-art tool to help you save both time and energy.

All our Webinar announcements are invitations to community talks and industry insights. If you wish to stay connected with us and have reminders of each event, follow our LinkedIn Page.

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