BIM Energy Software Features

Building energy models are created quickly and intuitively in BIM Energy

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All your calculations are stored in the cloud with access to climate file library.


Easy to use 3D editor to define building dimensions.


Comprehensive catalog with construction types, materials, windows etc.


Schedules for energy usage with catalog values for different building types but also completely customisable


Simulation of air handling systems, flow schedules, temperature set points and heat recovery.


Heating system simulation including heat pumps, hourly performance calculation, including control strategy.


Cooling demand calculation and supply by district cooling, chillers or free cooling

Solar Panel

Add solar panels and use the photovoltaic power for electricity supply in the building


 Comprehensive reports are created automatically and can be customised to your specific needs.


Use the BBR requirements to compare with your energy performance


Heat and electricity supply are presented to easily compare the result between different energy efficient measures

5 good reasons why you should start using BIM Energy

–  Easy to define the geometry of the building in a 3D model
– User-friendly and quick energy calculation software that runs in your web browser
– Calculate the energy savings of different renovation measures with comparison of pay-off time
– Hourly energy calculation for the building permit application
– Catalog with constructions, material, windows, heat pumps etc.

BIM Energy catalogs

Construction material 

 Use the comprehensive catalog of construction materials and construction types or define your own materials and constructions.

Heat pumps 

 Comprehensive catalog including air-to-air, exhaust air and geothermal heat pumps. Select between various manufacturers and types or create simulations from EN255 or EN14511 test results. The simulation is dynamic and takes into account refrigerant properties, hot and cold side temperatures and start and stop or frequency controlled compressors.

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